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Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials

Having a properly stocked gym bag is critical for your success at the gym. You don't want to let a forgotten hair tie or gym towel ruin your entire workout Make sure you are always prepared, and check out my gym essentials that you shouldn't leave home without. This bag will give you one less excuse to skip your daily workout. 

Gym Gloves - Avoid getting callouses from your weight lifting session and make sure you don't forget these at home.   

Reusable Water Bottle - Don't waste money or harm the environment by bringing disposable plastic bottles to the gym. Invest in a high quality, reusable bottle that will last you for years. I like reusable glass bottles with silicone protective layers, since they don't leak chemicals into my water and keep the taste pure. 

Hair Elastic - There's nothing more irritating than having hair flap around in your face during a workout. Make sure to have at least a few hair ties in your bag, just in case.

Bandages - Don't allow a blister or cut disrupt your cardio routine, make sure you have these babies with you for a pain free sweat session.

Headphones - Music makes workouts so much easier, which is why you cannot forget this secret weapon at home. I can't imagine powering through an hour cardio session without something to listen to. 

MP3 Player - Of course, the perfect accompaniment to your headphones, you'll need this to provide the tunes. Make sure to pick out your playlist before heading to the gym, that way you aren't wasting any time looking for songs you like once you're there.

Snack Bar - You don't want to head to the gym famished and decide to go home and eat first. If you have a healthy nutrition bar in your bag, you can kill hunger pains and give yourself a boost of energy to power through your workout. 

Roller Ball Perfume - You really don't want to leave the gym smelling like the gym.

Dry Shampoo - Refresh your hairdo before stepping out of the gym. This is especially handy if you have somewhere to be after.

Hair Brush - Get all those tangles out that accumulated during your workout. 

Face Wipes - This is a quick and easy way to clean your face until you have time to go home and shower. 

Deodorant - This can be handy for pre and post workout. Make sure you are smelling nice with a good deodorant. 

Lip Balm - I can't do anything with dry lips, and working out is no exception. I always make sure to slather on some balm before my grueling routines. 

What items can you not live without at the gym? I'd love to hear from you, comment below!

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