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Cold Weather Skin Care

Cold Weather Skin Care

As temperatures start to drop, the needs of our skin start to change, so naturally our skincare routine needs to change along with it. Colder weather means less moisture in the air and higher thermostats in our homes, which all lead to drying conditions for our skin. Over the winter, our skin needs extra attention to keep it looking bright and glowing. Avoid a dull look and follow these helpful tips to ensure that your skin stays healthy and beautiful all winter long. 

For The Face

Moisturize - One of the most important steps you can take to protect your skin over the next few months is to moisturize. Skin is stripped from a lot of its natural moisture during cold weather, as the humidity levels lower and heaters are put to use. These conditions zap moisture from the skin, requiring us to up our game, and bring hydration levels back to normal. For those with already dry skin, consider switching to an oil based moisturizer, which will help lock in moisture better than a water based formula. If you have oily skin, continue moisturizing with a water based solution, but if you are currently using a light gel formula, consider switching to a lotion based product. Normal skin can up the moisture levels by switching from a lotion to a cream. One trick I like to use during the winter is to mix a drop or two of avocado oil into my moisturizer in the morning, which helps my skin stay radiant, and also keeps my foundation from looking dry and flaky. Don't forget to continue to use an SPF during fall and winter, as harmful sun rays can still come through, even on cloudy days. 

Exfoliate - If you weren't exfoliating during the summer months, now is the time to start. The colder weather can lead to excessively patchy, scaly skin, which needs to be removed through exfoliation. A gentle exfoliant will help to remove dead skin cells, allowing soft and glowing skin to come to the surface. Make sure you aren't over-exfoliating, as this can be harmful too. Once a week should be the right amount to keep your skin soft. 

Avoid Alcohol Based Toner - Your toner might have worked great for you during the hot summer months, but if you're currently using an alcohol based toner, you might want to consider switching to a gentler version. The alcohol can be extremely drying on the skin, which can make winter skin even duller. Try using a gentle formula such as a rosewater and witch hazel mixture, which will help to sooth and tone the skin. 

Humidifier - One way to ensure that your skin stays plump and hydrated is to add moisture back into the air. A humidifier can be the perfect way to do this. Humidifiers can help to keep your bedroom air moist at night, even when your heater is running. You can also add your favorite essential oils to the water in your humidifier, that way your not only combating dry skin, but also relaxing with soothing scents while you fall asleep. 

For The Body

Soften Heels - The skin on your feet can take a real beating during the winter, so in order to keep them extra soft and smooth, take action while you sleep. I like to use a heavy cream based moisturizer or Vaseline and rub it on my feet at night, followed up by cotton socks. The socks will help to lock in the moisture while you sleep, leaving you with beautiful, soft feet by morning. 

Post Shower Routine - The best time to moisturizer your body is fresh out of the shower. Make sure to pat your body dry instead of rubbing it with your towel, and follow up by slathering on your favorite body lotion, opting for a creamier formula than you use during the summer months. 

Hydrate From The Inside Out - Although it's important to use special products on your skin in order to keep it soft and hydrated, you have to remember that healthy skin equals beautiful, radiant skin. Make sure to continue drinking the proper amount of water and eating skin healthy fruits and vegetables throughout the winter. Some foods to try are beets, lemon, squash, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, edamame, avocado and grapefruit. Don't forget, healthy skin equals glowing skin!

Try out these tips this winter to keep your skin glowing all year round! What are your favorite winter time skin care products? Share with me in the comments below!


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