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Best Plant-Based Restaurants In LA

LA is home to some of the best restaurants in the the US, with food offerings from all over the world. Some of the most amazing of these restaurants include an entirely plant based menu. Without the option of using butter, cheeses, and meats, these creative chefs have to use high quality ingredients and flavorful herbs and spices in order to come up with delicious menu items that will please omnivorous, vegetarians, and vegans alike. Don't let the vegan label put you off, these restaurants offer more than just salad options, and will have you forgetting that the meat is missing. Check out my favorite spots for some really amazing food!

10. Cruzer Pizza - Think you can't make pizza without cheese and pepperoni? Well think again. Cruzer's Pizza will make you forget that you're eating vegan. In addition to some great pies, they also offer a selection of pastas, salads, and desserts. They also offer gluten free options so no one is left out. 

9. Fala Bar - If you're in the mood for Mediterranean flavors, check out Fala Bar. This restaurant offers super fresh ingredients, all organic, and mostly gluten free. Everything on the menu is light and healthy, making this the perfect option for a quick lunch. With 5 different falafel flavors, you are sure to find one you love, and at a really low price!

8. Real Foods Daily - This restaurants has three convenient locations throughout Los Angeles, making it very accessible. The owner and founder, Ann Gentry, has spent the last 25 years perfecting plant-based cuisine, raising the bar of what vegan dishes should taste like. From Mediterranean, to Mexican, to Asian dishes, along with a rotating seasonal menu, there is something for everyone at RFD. I am totally obsessed with their mashed potatoes and gravy, which are so creamy and good, you'd never know there's no butter in them. 

7. Satdha - This restaurant takes plant-based Thai to a whole new level. Their menu is full of classics such as Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai and curries, plus plenty of new and unique dishes to try. A few customer favorites are the Catfish Eggplant, Mussaman Curry, and Meang Kham, which are all musts when dining here. 

6. Shojin - Think you can't enjoy Japanese cuisine without fish? Shojin has a selection of salads, soups, and entrees, but the real star of their menu is the sushi. The atmosphere and hospitality of this restaurant are just as impressive as the food. They have creatively mastered a large menu of rolls which will please any palate. The Crunchy Tiger, Hidden Dragon Roll and the Spicy Baked Scallop Roll and both guest favorites. Their menu contains 15 unique sushi rolls, many of which are unrecognizable as being 100% plant-based.

5. Doomie's Home Cookin' - If you thought being vegan or vegetarian means eating a lot of salads and steamed vegetables, Doomie's is about to prove you wrong. Think of a comfort food, and it is most likely on their menu. From fried chicken to mac n cheese, to chili cheeseburgers, and fried oreos, this is definitely not your normal, health conscious vegan joint. They also have a 'secret menu' that includes a vegan Big Mac which is to die for! Next time you are craving some fast food style food, Doomie's is the place to go.  

4.  Cafe Gratitude - Organic, gourmet cuisine is the specialty at Cafe Gratitude. Their team is truly passionate about sharing healthy and pure foods along with a side of inspiration and gratitude. For those looking for super fresh and healthy plant-based food, this is the perfect restaurant for you. They offer items such as wellness elixirs, fresh pressed juices, and raw items. I love their Happy Hour menu, which offers inexpensive appetizers and drinks to enjoy before your meal. They also offer 1-7 day meal plans and juices for anyone interested in immersing themselves into an organic, raw diet. 

3. Sage Vegan Bistro - I'm not sure what motivates me more to go to Sage, their amazing entrees or the fact that they serve KindKreme! Sage specializes in farm to table creations, which is very apparent in the taste of all of their dishes. I especially love the Eggplant Parmesan, which taste even better than the real thing! Their Date Shake is a must whenever you go here, and it's especially tasty with chocolate IceKream. 

2. Crossroads - This restaurant proudly touts the fact that most of their meat eating customers don't even realize that everything on the menu comes from plants. Crossroads is the perfect combination of high quality dishes in a high class atmosphere. Their innovative menu offers items such as plant based Calamari, Smoked Carrot Lox, and Artichoke Oysters covered in kelp caviar. To top off your meal, make sure to order one of their classic cocktails. Crossroads really takes vegan fine-dining to a whole new level. 

1. Gracias Madre - LA is known for having super trendy, lounge style restaurants, and Gracias Madre has captured this style to a T. Coming in at number one on my list, this sister restaurant of Cafe Gratitude has to be my absolute favorite restaurant in LA. Their patio dining area offers comfortable, lounge style seating so you can enjoy your meal al fresco. Their food is so good that even the most hard core meat lovers will enjoy this place! I love coming here for brunch on Sundays, and ordering their Chilaquiles, which I personally think are even better than the real thing! The Coliflor Frito is absolutely amazing and a must try when you're here. Next time you're in WeHo, make sure you give this place a try!

What are your favorite restaurants in LA? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

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