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3 Brow Products You Need

3 Brow Products You Need

Eye Brow Products - Makeup

Eyebrows are such a crucial part of any makeup routine. The eyebrows frame the face and can take any makeup look to the next level if done properly. It is so important to have the right products on hand in order to achieve the amazing brows that you want.

Not all brow products are created equal, and different formulas work to achieve very different results. Based on what your current brow situation is (thick, thin, piecey, etc.), and also what look you are going for, you want to select the right brow formula for your needs. Today, I am sharing my three all-time favorite products, all of which are amazing, and help me to achieve very different looks. If you are ready to take your brow game to the next level and find the right formula that will work for you, keep on reading! 

BOLD - NYX Tinted Brow Mascara

I recently purchased this brow gel, and I have been using it all the time! I love this for an everyday look, since it gives me color and a little bit of definition, but isn't too structured, which works well with lighter makeup looks. I also like that the wand is built in, so it doesn't require any additional tools for application. Brow gels are great for those who already have thick brows, and just need a little bit of color and shape. The best part? Since it's a tinted gel, it also holds your brows in place all day!  

BOLDER - NYX Eye and Eyebrow Pencil    

I love this brow pencil because it gives the right amount of color, without looking harsh, or overwhelming. Pencils work really well for anyone looking for structure and definition, but don't need to fill in entire new sections of brow, which works best with a pomade. Pencils offer a lot of control, especially compared to a tinted brow gel, and are great for those seeking a bolder look. Just make sure to use a spoolie or brow brush after applying the pencil to avoid a fake looking brow. 

BOLDEST - Anastasia of Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade  

I have been using this pomade for years, and it has never let me down. Pomades work well for those seeking a strong, structured brow, or for those that may need to draw in areas where the brow is missing or patchy. Pomade formulas create the strongest lines, so it's perfect for those seeking the boldest brows. The Dipbrow Pomade is applied with an eyebrow brush, which gives you control to shape your brows however you like. Similar to pencil formulas, you want to make sure to always brush through the brows after applying the pomade to create the appearance of real hairs, versus a drawn on effect.


Thick brows are very 'in' right now, so avoid the temptation and stop over plucking your brows! I know it can be hard, but the results are well worth the effort.  

Well conditioned brows are happy brows! Make sure to apply a hydrating oil to brows before bed every night for stronger, thicker brows. I like using castor oil, which helps them to grow fast!

What products do you love to achieve amazing brows? Do you like shadows, gels, tints, pomades, or pencils? Share your favorite tips and products in the comments below, I'd love to learn about what works for you!


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