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6 Things I Can't Live Without

6 Things I Can't Live Without

There are certain items I use in my everyday life, that I seem to not be able to live without. I put together this list of beauty and lifestyle related products that I use daily, and I usually bring with me wherever I go. Check out my list of essentials below!

iPhone 6 Plus

It's sad to say, but this is one item that I relay on so heavily for my day-to-day life. With blogging as my full-time job, I feel like I always have my phone on me, juggling emails, social media accounts, blog posts, and more. One of the first things I do in the morning (who am I kidding, the very first thing I do) is check my phone. Even though I might spend a lot of time Monday-Friday on my phone, I try to find a balance on the weekends. I try to limit my phone use to checking Instagram a few times and maybe checking an email or two, but for the most part, I try to make my weekend relaxing and spend time with my friends and family. 

Reusable Water Bottle 

I am so obsessed with drinking water throughout the day, I always need my water bottle with me. It is so convenient to have a reusable bottle, that way I don't have to worry about wasting so much plastic, and also spending money that I'd rather use for other things. Recently, I have been using my new Nike water bottle, which I really love because it has a built in straw, making it super easy to drink while I'm running. I try to drink at least three bottles full of water each day, which comes out to about 90 fluid ounces, but this amount can go up based on my workout and the temperature outside. 

Hand Lotion

I have very dry skin, and my hands seem to get the worst of the dryness, especially after I wash them, so I always like to have hand lotion with me to keep them moisturized. I like to carry light-weight lotions in my purse, which keep my skin soft, but aren't too greasy when I apply them. Recently, I have been loving this Wild Madagascar Vanilla lotion from Bath & Body Works, it smells so pretty!

Hand Sanitizer Spray

I hate feeling like my hands are dirty, so I always carry around a hand sanitizer with me, to keep them clean in between washing. I received this Honest Co. Hand Sanitizer Spray in a goody bag at an awards ceremony I attended a few months ago and I really love it. I like that it has plant-based ingredients in it and aloe, which helps to bring the moisture back to my hands. 

MAC Myth Lipstick

This is my all time favorite lip color! It is so versatile and looks great with any makeup look that I am doing. I love keeping it in my purse, that way if I forget to bring a lip color with me, I always have it as backup. Myth is a great nude color and can work really well on a lot of different skin tones. If you haven't tried it out before, I highly recommend it!

Over-sized Shawl 

I have a serious body temperature issue and I feel like I am always feeling cold. I blast the heater in my car whenever I am driving alone to try to warm up (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but you get the point)! I love wearing my shawl around the house to stay warm because it is so soft and cozy! It also comes in handy when I am traveling and want something I can wrap myself up in. I love using it like a blanket at night when I'm working from my bed, I just have to be careful not to get too comfortable and fall asleep!

What products do you need in your every day life? Share with me in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!

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