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Halloween Look: 1920's Vampire

Halloween Look: 1920's Vampire


I wanted to share some inspiration for a super easy Halloween costume idea. This look is inspired by a 1920's flapper, who also happens to be a vampire! This is a great last minute costume idea, and also fun because it's an interesting twist on a classic Halloween look. Check out how I did my hair and makeup for this look below and hopefully you can get some inspiration for your costume this year!


It's best to start off with eyes for this look since it uses a lot of black, that way any fallout can be cleaned up before starting the face. I primed by eyes with Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion, and set it with the light tan color from my BH Cosmetics Contour and Blush Palette. I packed on Toasted from the original Naked palette all over my lid, crease, and far into the inner corner of my eye. Many women in the 1920's brought their eye shadow's far into the inner corner of their eye lid, which gave them a more rounded eye look. I lined my water line with Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Liner Pencil in Zero and followed that by packing on MAC's Carbon eye shadow in my lash line. For an authentic look, avoid doing a modern winged liner, which elongates the eyes and creates a more almond effect. The goal is to make the eyes as big and round as possible to achieve this look. I took Carbon again and packed in into the outer corner of my eyelid to make the eyes darker and more vampire like. To finish the eyes, I took Carbon into my lower lash line and Toasted below that. I skipped the fake lashes and just applied three coats of Loreal's Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.

After finishing the eyes, I moved onto eyebrows. I used my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Ash Brown to fill in my brows. I filled in below my natural arch to give my brows a more straight across effect. Another option would be to cover the brows with special effects putty and draw on very thin, and dark eyebrows for the most authentic look. 

After cleaning up the fallout from under my eyes, I moisturized my face and primed with Tarte's Clean Slate Poreless Primer. I used Revlon's Colorstay foundation in Ivory to achieve a very pale look. Women in the 20's made up their faces to be very fair, and vampires tend to be on the pale side as well, so go for a foundation shade 1-2 shades lighter then your skin tone. I felt that since my skin is already fair, I wanted to go a bit lighter, so I highlighted with Make Up For Ever's Pan Stick Foundation in 070 White for an even paler look. I set my makeup with Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder in Translucent and misted my face with MAC's Fix Plus setting spray. I wanted to give my face a gaunt appearance, so I took my Carbon eye shadow again and worked it into the hollows of my cheeks. For blush, I used a light dusting of NYX blush in Spice. 

To bring more darkness to my face, I took a small amount of Carbon on my ring finger and gently patted that under my eyes to give myself a more "undead" look. I sprayed my face again with MAC's Fix Plus to lock in my face makeup and ensure it lasted the night. 

For my lips, I covered them in my foundation so I could draw on new lips. 1920's lips are very narrow and pouty, with an accentuated cupids bow. I lined my lips with Vino by MAC, exaggerating the cupids bow, making sure not going all the way out the sides to make my mouth appear smaller. I filled in my lips with Cyber by MAC for a dark, vampy look. 

For the final touches, I sprayed on some fake blood on the corners of my mouth and allowed it to drip down onto my chin area. 


This hair look is super simple to create. If you already have shorter hair, simply curling your hair can help you achieve this look. If you're like me, and have hair on the longer side, a few quick tricks can help you achieve the iconic bob of the 1920's flappers. 

I started off by curling all of my hair with a 1" curling wand. Once my hair was completely curled, I lightly sprayed it way some hairspray. Starting with the back section of my hair, I curled it under with my hands and rolled it up towards the nape of my neck, securing the hairs using bobby pins. I repeated this same technique with the hairs on the sides of my head, securing them with bobby pins. I finished off this simple look by placing a jeweled headband across my forehead. 


The costume for this look can be very easy and inexpensive. All you really need is a short, straight dress, with jewels, sequins, or fringe. These style of dress can be found at consignment stores, thrift stores, or even costume shops if you're running short on time. Lastly, you need some vampire fangs and you are good to go!

I hope you found some inspiration from this look! If you decide to try it out, please make sure to tag me in your photos so I can see!

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