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6 Instagrammers I Am Following

6 Instagrammers I Am Following

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I love finding new accounts to follow on Instagram. Check out the newest accounts I have discovered and am obsessing over this month!

1. @readysetglamour

I recently stumbled across this account, and I am so glad that I did! This is a beauty account run by the beautiful Michelle, who always has flawless makeup and a great sense of style! I especially love her fashion looks, which always offers me some inspiration when in need. Michelle also runs a YouTube channel which corresponds with her Instagram. If you're looking for an account on all things glamour, check this one out!


2. @rosanna_davison

Rosanna's account offers me great inspiration in the world of health and fitness. She posts lots of yummy, healthy food pics that could make anyone's mouth water. You will also find enough selfies and fashion pictures to keep you coming back for more. Rosanna also has a website that features a ton of healthy recipes, fitness tips, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration. This recent newlywed even has a section on her website all about weddings, which I have been finding very helpful lately!


3. @maggiemarilynhewitt

This account features visually stunning images, all taken by fashion  design student Maggie Marilyn. You'll find a mixture of fashion pictures and a slew of the beautiful things she encounters every day. Each picture posted is taken with a great deal of delicacy to capture the perfect image. Definitely an up and coming account on Instagram to check out. 


4. @blank_itinerary

I cannot even express how much I adore this account, run by Vogue contributor Paola Alberdi. Her fashion looks are to die for, and never fail to impress and inspire me. I love following her adventures through the beautiful Napa, California, which offers the perfect backdrop for any Insta worhy pic. For some serious life envy and inspiration, make sure to follow this account!


5. @thestylishfoodie

Run by Marketing and PR manager Nikki Tingson, this Toronto based Instagrammer has a serious passion for food and fashion that's worth checking out. I love the visual creativity that her account offers, with many beautifully taken pictures of her adventures and day-to-day life. She also runs an awesome website for anyone looking for even more inspiration. Definitely check her out!


6. @paula13t

This Instagrammer and blogger takes unbelievable pictures of her daily makeup choices, always perfectly arranged for a stunning look. Mixed in with her beauty pics are a few fashion and food looks for you to indulge your eyes in. Her account is still fairly new and growing, but definitely worth following, for the high quality content. 


Who do you love to follow on Instagram? Share with me in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!


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