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Mix And Match Travel Staples

Mix And Match Travel Staples

mix and match travel staples

When I travel, I like to pack the minimum amount of clothing for my trips. Packing light means less luggage for me to haul around, and more room for new clothes if I want to go shopping! I make sure to bring versatile pieces with me that I am able to mix and match to make a large amount of outfit options. I prefer to bring mostly neutral colors with me, that way most of my clothes will look good paired together. I am currently packing for a two week trip, and made sure to have certain staples that can be dressed up or down, and that can also work well in different temperatures, paired with the right pieces. Check out my essentials list below!



I like to bring a mixture of different colored t-shirts that I am able to wear with jeans and skirts. I like to buy t-shirts that are made of high quality material, that way they don't look too casual when paired with a cute pair of heels and a jacket, but still work well for a daytime look. On this trip, I am bringing 3 basic tee's, one in grey, white, and black. I also like to bring shirts that have an interesting cut, and not just the standard t-shirt shape, which brings more interest to my outfits.


I usually bring at least 2-3 pairs of jeans, in different colors and styles, that way I can make them match any outfit. I am bringing a light pair, a grey pair, and a black pair on this trip. Similar to the t-shirts, these jeans can be dressed up or down depending on what I pair them with. 


I decided to bring one skirt on this trip that I am able to wear out to dinner or for a nighttime outing. My skirt is an ankle length, form fitting pencil skirt, which will look really cute paired with a blouse or even a tucked in t-shirt, a leather jacket and a nice pair of heels. 


I like to bring a few simple, yet cute pairs of shoes when I travel, rather than bringing a flashy pair of shoes that might only match with one or two outfits. I usually bring at least one pair of heels in black at a minimum, and if I'm staying longer, I'll bring another pair in a neutral color like nude. I also bring a really comfortable pair of walking shoes, since I'm usually on my feet a lot when I'm trying to get around a new city. On this trip I am bringing a black pair of booties with a small heel, a peep toe mule style heel, and a nude pair of ankle strap sandals. 


I'm not big on bringing a ton of accessories when I travel, as they are easy to get lost and aren't always a necessity, but having a few adaptable pieces is great to mix and match. I am bringing my favorite poncho style shawl and a wide brimmed black hat, which I can add to a lot of my outfits for some extra personality. 

It is very important to pack smart when you are traveling, and to plan out your outfits for each day you'll be gone. Being prepared will help you to cut down on the amount of unneeded clothes you bring, and possibly save you from extra weight charges from your airline. 

I hope you enjoyed this guide to how I pack. What essential items do you always bring on trips? Share with me in the comments below!

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