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7 Healthy Snack Ideas

7 Healthy Snack Ideas

When hunger pains hit during the middle of the day, it can be very tempting to reach for a sugary or fried snack, but when you are trying to stick to a New Year's resolution or just a healthy lifestyle, it's good to have some healthy alternatives on hand. Working from home, I have full access to the kitchen for most of my day, making it a challenge to avoid the wrong foods sometimes. By having healthy snacks available to me, it makes it a lot easier decision to say no to the junk food. One of my biggest tricks for making the healthier choice is to not wait until I am ravenously hungry to eat a snack. The hungrier we get, the more likely we are to crave a high calorie option, instead of a nutritious, waist friendly one. Here's some inspiration for next time you are looking for a quick and easy snack that is healthy too!

Carrots and Babaganoush

Babaganoush is an eggplant based Middle Eastern dip, with a rich and creamy texture, and smoky taste. I adore this dip and could eat if by the spoonful if I wanted! If you've never tried it, imagine something very similar to hummus. I like to dip carrots into the babaganoush, which pairs very nicely together. This snack is ultra healthy with its high levels of vitamins and fiber found in both the eggplant and the carrots. 

Date, Coconut, and Oat Balls

I've talked about this snack food before, and for good reason. Whenever I'm going on a road trip or an all day outing where I need to bring food, this snack is always on my list of things to bring. These little gems are super sweet and perfect for warding off any candy cravings. The added oats makes them a heartier snack, leaving me full until my next meal. For a to-go option, I like to pre-make them and freeze them the night before, and then toss them in a ziplock bag and take them with me. 

Banana and Almond Butter

Sweet and salty is one of my favorite flavor combinations, and this snack does the trick of satisfying hunger and cravings! The protein and healthy fat in the almond butter helps to keep you full longer, while the carbohydrates in the banana will give you the energy you need to finish your work for the day. I like to cut my banana lengthwise, and spread the almond butter in the middle like a sandwich. 

Frozen Grapes

If you gave up frozen treats as your New Year's resolution, consider replacing your usual ice cream with frozen grapes! Although they might not be quite as delectable as ice cream, frozen grapes are still a wonderful snack when you are in the mood for something sweet and cold. They're really easy to prepare, and a great idea if you have extra grapes in the kitchen that might not get eaten before going bad. Make sure to wash and de-stem the grapes before placing in a ziplock bag and freezing. 

Dried Mango

These are of my favorite go-to snacks when I'm running around and don't have time to eat a proper meal. Dried mango is tart, sweet, and chewy, which is a delicious combination if you ask me! The best part is that since they are dried, you don't have to worry about them getting ruined while sitting in your purse the way fresh fruit might. Died fruit is also a great fiber boost, which is another bonus to enjoying this treat!

Kale Chips

If you have a hard time resisting chips, try swapping them out for ultra healthy kale chips. Now you might be thinking that vegetables are not a good swap for delicious chips, but you have got to give these a try before knocking them. Kale gets super crispy when baked in a hot oven, and can take on any flavor of whatever seasonings you choose to use. They also taste great when sprinkled with a little bit of sea salt, which is my personal favorite. Kale is really high in iron, vitamin K and antioxidants, so you can feel really great about snacking on these. 

Chocolate Chip-Peanut Butter Hummus with Graham Crackers and Apple Slices

Okay, so cookie dough style hummus might not sound like the most amazing snack you've ever tried, but you will be very pleasantly surprised by this recipe! Imagine indulging in cookie dough by the mouthful without any feelings of guilt. This recipe combines a few simple ingredients to mimic the taste and texture of the beloved cookie dough, and boy does it do the trick! Next time you are faced with the choice of devouring an entire stick of cookie dough before it even hits the oven, choose this healthy option instead! 

What healthy snacks do you like to make? I'd love to hear from you!

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