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What's In My Bag: Carry-On Edition

What's In My Bag: Carry-On Edition

what's in my bag: carry-on addition

I am currently preparing for a 20 hour flight that I will take later today, so I have to make sure I bring all of the in-flight essentials with me that I might need. Whenever I am going on a long flight, I like to make sure that I will have everything I want to keep me comfortable on the plane, which can make the flight a lot more pleasant. Check out my list below of all the items I will bring to help survive this long flight. 

Michael Kors Tote 

I love to bring a big bag whenever I travel, that way I can throw all of my essentials in there to have with me on the flight.

Phone Charger

Luckily our plane has electrical outlets so I will be able to keep my phone charged the whole flight, and maybe even get some work done!


Of course in between going on Instagram and watching in-flight movies I will need another form of entertainment, so having a good book is a great way to pass the time on a long flight. I will be reading Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance. 

Reading Glasses

Of course I want to be able to actually see what I'm reading, so I will be bringing my glasses. 

Cleansing Wipes

I hate feeling dirty and sticky on a flight, especially since I can't wash my face, so I like to bring these wipes to cool me down and keep me feeling clean. 

Lip Balm

The air on planes tends to be very drying on the skin, so it's important to keep my lips moist with a good balm.

Rollerball Perfume

Of course I want to smell nice when I land, so I am bringing a rollerball with me, which is the perfect option for a long flight. 

Hand Lotion

In addition to having moisturized lips, I also want my hands to stay nice and soft, so I make sure to bring a heavy duty hand lotion to do the job.

Invisalign Case

I don't want to misplace my Invisalign trays when taking them out to eat during my trip, so I need the case with me to keep them safe. 

Sun Glasses

Just in case I don't get any sleep and look terrible when I'm getting off the plane, these glasses will be the perfect thing to throw on. 

Rose Water Spray

Rose water is very hydrating for the skin, so I like to bring my homemade mister and spritz it on my face throughout the flight to stay moist. 

Head Phones

In case I want to listen to music, or possibly drown out noise, it is always nice to have a pair of headphones while traveling.


I get super cold on planes, so I need to bring lots of layers to keep warm. This shawl is perfect to wrap myself up in when I start feeling chilly, and it's easy enough to take off if I start warming up. 

What items do you like to bring in your carry-on to ensure a comfortable flight? Share with me in the comments below!

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